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Ceiling System With Knauf Plasterboard

Knauf Ceiling Systems consists of a lightweight, galvanized metal grid that is clad with Knauf plasterboard. They are quick and easy to install.

Knauf ceiling systems are versatile; different shapes can be created and a variety of features incorporated, such as bulkheads, lighting coffers etc

This system is designed for robustness and ease of installation over large areas with (50m2 and more), or typically for spans in excess of 4m, and for deeper ceiling voids (over 450mm)

4_C Form II

This system is designed for economy simplicity and minimum ceiling void depth. It is most suitable for ceiling of span less than 4m, when there is no requirement for extra rigidity.

5_1 and 2 Hours Suspended Ceiling

Primarily for protection to steel beams and concrete floor according to BS 476: Part 23 and fire separation of general services from protected lobby and corridor according to BS 476: Part 22

One hour Knauf Fireshield ceiling comprises two layers of 12.5mm thick Fireshield, fixed onto steel channel size 60 x 27 x 0.6mm thick by No 6 STS at 200mm centers. Two hours Knauf ceiling uses two layers of 20mm thick Fireboard.

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