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Structural Performance

Load Test Data Per ASTM C635 (1995) based on 1200mm hanger spacing. 


Main Tee is a double web section of 38mm high, made in standard length of 3.6m with integral push lock splices at both ends for easy interconnection.

The end splices have been tested to sustain a pulling force of 68kgf before separation.  The bulb is pre-punched with 6mm hanger holes and the body is pre-punched with “H” slots at 75mm from ends and 150mm in between to received cross tees.

Cross Tee is a 25mm come with both ends high double web section with joggled flange.

With both ends integral splices for direct straight entry to the main tee to support interlocking connections.  The high precision joggle ensure minimum “floating effect” to the ceiling boards.   Each end splice come with a build-in fire nib will be broken as a result of linear expansion of the grid during fire, this is to allow movement of the cross tees while maintain the structural integrity ceiling system.

Cross tees are available in standard length of 1.2mm and 0.6mm.


Component Specification


Wall Angles and Mouldings


Comprised of 4mm diameter galvanised steel rods and heat tempered spring clip.  It is designed to carry a ceiling load of 75kg/point and is recommended for all ceiling installations.

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FrameRod Adjustable Hanger System

Made from heat tempered spring steel with anti-corrosion coating.  It is recommended for fire rated installations and in areas where prevention of the lifting of ceiling boards are required due to the presence of positive pressure differentials.

Hold Down Clip