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Wall Lining

Knauf wall lining systems provide a variety of solutions for general application, irrespective of building type.

Two distinct systems are available, each with differing characteristics to cater for a full spectrum of site conditions

Wall Liner

System offers the benefit of variable stand-off distance, utilizing a simple framework of floor and head tracks with engaging channel section studs and a U bracket as an intermediate lateral restraint. The system is less reliant on the condition of the background, which may be damp. A variable standoff distance of 27mm to 125mm from the background allows the linings to be plumbed over large irregularities in the background allows the introduction of insulation and deeper service runs within the lining void.

Wall Liner

System offers the simplest solution at minimal cost. It can be applied to most sound masonry backgrounds depending on conditions. The system uses Knauf bonding compound as dot and dab allowing Knauf plasterboard to be fixed back with minimum projection. The lining will stand clear of nominal irregularities in the background and will accommodate shallow service runs within the lining void.

Direct Bonding