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All You Need to Know About Different Types of Aluminium Doors

Aluminium is among the most commonly used materials especially in making doors because of its durability and strength. A door made of aluminium is not only strong but its maintenance is also very easy. There are in different types of aluminium doors that vary in terms of price, quality, and design; some are expensive than others, such as a high quality double and triple glazed doors that are more expensive compared with double glazed aluminium doors. Aluminium doors are normally used in commercial and retail properties, although they can as well be used in residential properties. Aluminium doors designed by Active Aluminium & Services are often customised to meet the consumer’s needs and are available in all sizes, shapes, and different types such as Bi-fold door, sliding doors, folding doors or PVC folding doors. Nonetheless, here is all you need to know about these types of aluminium doors.

Sliding doors

Aluminium doors ought to be strong, reliable, besides rolling smoothly during opening and closing. These are the best qualities of aluminium sliding doors, which also enhance the beauty and security of a place, for instance, in your home or in your commercial property. The use of sliding doors has gained more popularity due to the fact that it modernizes your office or home. Also, these doors offer a large doorway, hence allowing for easy movement of furniture and other bulky valuables. In addition, aluminium sliding doors makes your room look as If it is bigger since it is transparent it makes our home appear brighter and more lively.

Bi-Fold Doors

Aluminium bi-fold doors are also the most popular aluminium doors in most modern homes and offices, particularly because they are aesthetically pleasing with a modern design that can be customized to fit the client’s needs and suit any space. These doors are also more suitable for spacious commercial property or homes. It goes without mentioning that bi-fold doors have large spaces making packages fast and safer.

PVC Folding Doors

PVC folding doors are made of high-grade materials that make them more durable and attractive. Therefore, they help improve the appearance of a building’s interior and exterior, and hence this explains why it is in high demand in the market. These doors can be used in place of a wall to partition rooms, in outside garden space, private rooms in hospitals and hotels. In essence, PVC folding doors can be used to create VIPs spaces or lounges.

Folding Doors

Horizontally moving aluminium folding doors are mainly designed for premises with restricted space around the door opening. Aluminium folding doors minimizes the roof space that is needed inside the building. Essentially, these doors have few moving parts, hence making them more reliable when it comes to creating a safer passages. Folding doors can also be used in premises that requires high daylight inlet or in buildings used for promoting products such as showrooms.