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Shower Screen

Song Window Repair Specialists offers the highest quality products that are perfect for your home. Our finely crafted products are made of the highest quality materials that offer superb durability and functionality.

Our aluminium shower screen (L-shape and straight shower screen), is the perfect screen for your shower. Our decorative, quilted aluminium frames come with a variety of colors and designs that will accent any space and give it a sophisticated flair. The tempered glass is constructed to withstand more pressure than standard glass so your screen can stand the test of time. The glass is easily cleaned so you don’t have to worry about working hard to clean shower scum and is wired for added durability, which adds a level of safety to the product that you won’t find with other retailers.

Our aluminium shower screens come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. They can fit into corners with their l-shape design. They can be built on bath and shower combinations or standalone showers and they come in a variety of materials and colors to fit your style. We offer both opaque and clear glass doors, both of which are made from durable tempered glass. Our designs are made to fit a variety of shower styles, which means that we have a design that will work for you.

Song Window Repair Specialists offers a variety of other home and commercial products. Our high quality aluminium windows are made to fit various designs and sizes. Our doors are built from the highest quality materials. We also offer grilles and wrought iron gates for home security. We also offer window repair, replacement window parts, ceiling products as well as a variety of other services including rubbish chute replacement and multi-function windows. Call or email us today and we will give you a free quote. You won’t regret choosing us for your home needs.