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Rubbish Chute Replacement and Rubbish Chute Repair

We often neglected the rubbish chute which is one of most important household hygienic. Having a smelly and rusty rubbish chute will attract hordes of cockroaches, andts and a whole lot of other creepy crawlies.

You don’t have to tolerate rust-coated or unhygienic rubbish chute!! Don’t hesitate, call us now and take preventive measure against pests. Pests which are potential health hazards for your family.

Make this change with Active Aluminum stainless steel rubbish chute – Make the change for your family’s sake

Product Features

  • Fire Resistant

  • Latest flat Surface for easy maintenance

  • Stainless Steel refuse chutes, made from 1.2mm thick material

  • Flush design with mirror finish for the classy look

  • 99% air tight seal to stop foul smell and no more water seepage

  • Short tongue, it prevents upper floor rubbish from hitting your rubbish chute. This will cut down noises and avoid subsequent damages to your rubbish chute.

  • Prevent cocroaches from coming in. When the door is in closed position, it will hit the rubber strip in the whole perimeter in line with the door edges.