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Partition Systems

Commercial partitions are non load-bearing systems comprising Knauf plasterboards screw-fixed to a steel frame made up of lightweight studs and channels.  The surface of the boards can be taped and joined to achieve more traditional finish prior to decoration.

1_C Stud Partitions

Knauf “C” Stud Partitions




Knauf “C” Studs provide the simplest and most economical answer to spare division and are typically selected for office accommodation. By choosing the appropriate combination of board types, thickness and number of layers, a range of acoustic and dire resistance requirements can be met.





2_Twin Frame Partitions

Knauf Twin Frame Partitions



These partitions utilize Knauf “C” studs in twin parallel frames. Combination of small gaps between the frames, a large air space, 100mm thick insulation quilt and triple boarding ensure exceptional sound insulation properties. This type of partition is suitable for cinemas and auditoriums.